This is innovation. This is Middleby. 

And this is Middleby Connect.

Our IoT-based equipment management system for the foodservice and

baking industries. With this digital tool you get one point of access to

all your equipment across Middleby brands, borders and

large geographical areas.

You’ll find a wide range of brands connected to the cloud. 

With Middleby Connect you can save money on many aspects of operation –

and essential activities become easier and cheaper. For example,

updating recipes, programs and software has never been as simple!
With a single click you can send updates from headquarters to all your

connected equipment around the globe. Easy! 

Middleby Connect is a professional tool for increased control of product

performance and user behavior. You can use it to optimize procedures,

limit food waste and increase revenue without compromising on product

quality and guest experience. Equipment breakdown during operating hours

is always a hassle. With Middleby Connect it can be a thing of the past! 

Middleby Connect gives you a quick and easy overview of all your equipment

and can notify you before operational problems arise. Also, your technician

can use Middleby Connect to see the service status of the equipment and

which components need replacement soon. This allows for preventive

maintenance and more efficient service calls. The result is less equipment

downtime and fewer headaches for you! 

So… if you want a digital tool to easily optimize procedures, improve efficiency

and reduce costs, Middleby Connect is the answer!

Because advanced technology should provide simplicity.

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