Middleby Connect

Connect your cooking, baking, processing and residential equipment to the cloud

Middleby Connect is an IoT-based equipment management system for the foodservice, baking, food processing and residential industry.

Middleby Connect lets you access and monitor your cooking, baking and processing equipment anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
There is no limit on how much equipment you can connect to Middleby Connect.

Middleby Connect gives you the ability to optimize procedures, avoid overproduction, limit food waste and increase revenue without compromising on product quality and guest experience.
For example, two locations of a chain bakery both bake 500 pieces of bread per day, but one location sells all 500, while the other only sell 225. With
Middleby Connect you can use the data to identify and change the behavior and usage patterns in your bakeries that may have led to this situation.

Behavioral Learning

With Middleby Connect, menu management becomes simple, fast and safe. Middleby Connect facilitates the distribution of recipes, programs and software to each piece of connected kitchen or bakery equipment in the restaurants and bakeries around the globe. Menu distribution through
Middleby Connect improves and simplifies workflows, saves time, minimizes logistical costs, and eliminate mistakes. Middleby Connect also includes a menu builder tool for applicable brands.

Recipe Distribution

Middleby Connect gives you a quick and easy overview of your equipment fleet with its fleet manager function, which can be configured to notify you before operational problems arise. Using Middleby Connect, your technician can see the equipment’s service status and which components need replacement soon. This allows for proactive (rather than reactive) prevention of operational issues and eliminates downtime.

Efficient Service

The cloud solution provides real-time knowledge of usage and product performance through consumption data. At the same time, you have access to a HAACP library that documents the cooking and baking processes for applicable brands. With the consumption hub, you can see all your consumption data and download it to your own system. You can use this information to calculate running cost, which provides increased control and ability to optimize procedures.

Cost Control

To ensure that all your data is always secure and safe from abuse, Middleby Connect uses the latest encryption tech-nologies (TLS/SSL X.509) on all information exchanged for optimal digital security.
Furthermore, an authentication
process is applied on all users and ovens to make sure that only the intended recipients receive access to the cloud. Middleby Connect always lives up to the best-practice standards regarding cloud security. It utilizes the MQTT protocol, which is an approved and reliable Internet protocol for network communications for a wide range of applications.
Version 3.1.1 of MQTT has been recently approved by ISO and IEC and given the designation ‘ISO/IEC 20922’.

Security First

Unlike other cloud-based solutions in the foodservice, baking, food processing and residential industry, Middleby Connect lets you connect all kinds of equipment to one cloud. It gives you one point of access to all your Middleby kitchen and bakery equipment across borders and large geographical areas.
The industry-leading Middleby Corporation is the world’s largest foodservice corporation with more than 80 brands around the globe. This global scale is also being provisioned for in Middleby Connect, with more and more brands coming online. Middleby Connect functions as an umbrella cloud system under which you will find many different, yet coherent cloud solutions for Middleby Corporation equipment.
The unified experience provided by Middleby Connect enables faster and easier management of diverse commercial kitchens and bakeries in variable sizes.

One point of Access

Middleby Connect 

Award-winning solution

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